SSDI Denied? Here’s How to Fill Out Your Request for Consideration Form

Social security benefit claim form with a denied stamp

On the Request for Consideration Form or Form SSA-561, a person fills out his or her personal information and states why he or she disagrees with the Social Security Administration’s decision to deny him or her disability benefits. It is not hard to understand and fill out the form. Nevertheless, it is a good idea for a claimant to work with a Social Security disability attorney who can help him or her present the information in a way that improves the chances of approval.

The form should be filled accurately and completely.

Filling Out Form SSA-561

Most of the information requested on the SSA-561 form is self-explanatory. In the Name of Claimant section, one should fill it out with the disabled person’s name, whether that is himself or herself or someone else on whose behalf he or she is filing.

The Name of Wage Earner section can be left blank if a person is claiming disability benefits based on his or her own work history. If the person is claiming based on the work history of a different individual like a deceased spouse, the person should fill in the other individual’s name. In the section where one is supposed to fill out what he or she is claiming, it is crucial to check all the types of benefits that the person is claiming.

After filling out the general information, one will reach the section where he or she is supposed to state why he or she does not agree with the SSA’s decision on his or her disability claim. It is critical to fill this section out as completely and thoroughly as possible. A Social Security disability attorney can help when filling out this section. Claimants should mention all of their disabilities and how they affect the ability to work or sustain employment and perform daily activities.

A person asking for reconsideration for a claim for Special Veterans Benefits (SVB) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) will have to fill out an extra section. He or she will have to indicate whether he or she wants a formal conference, an informal conference, or a case review. In most cases, conferences are better options than case reviews.

Incomplete information can cause lengthy delays, so a claimant needs to ensure that he or she has filled out all personal information and signed the form. SSA personnel will fill out the rest of the form. A claimant should always request a copy of the form and any other forms related to his or her disability claim for record-keeping purposes.

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