Leadership Team

David Klain

David Klain is an experienced attorney based in Chicago. David is the Founder and Co-Owner of several companies including Klain & Associates, Consumer Law Partners, and Klain Insurance Group. David has extensive expertise on legal matters pertaining to Social Security Disability, Consumer Rights, and Medicare. Throughout his career, David has handled more than 40,000 cases from application through final adjudication before the administrative courts of the United States Social Security Administration.

Licensed to practice in Pennsylvania, and the Federal District Courts of Illinois and Indiana, David established Klain & Associates in 2009 with the intention of advocating for the disabled through legal aid. Klain & Associates now stands as one of the 50th largest Social Security Disability Law firms in the nation and its affiliate, Consumer Law Partners, is similarly ranked as one of the top 10 Consumer Law firms in size.  

David attended George Washington University where he obtained his Bachelor of Science in Political Science. David later received his Juris Doctor from Antonin Scalia Law School at George Mason University. 

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Rachel Schatz

Rachel Schatz is Co-owner and President of  Klain & Associates LLC, a nationwide Social Security Disability Advocacy company. An experienced business executive, Ms. Schatz is based in Chicago, IL. Her breadth of expertise focuses on Social Security Disability Law, Consumer Law, and Medicare.  Since 2012, Ms. Schatz has helped people apply for and obtain  Social Security Disability benefits, taking pride in her ability to assist clients with their legal situations.

Licensed as a non-attorney representative through the U.S. Social Security Administration, Ms. Schatz assisted in Klain & Associates inception. The firm now stands as one of the top 50 largest Social Security Disability Companies in the country. A disability advocate, Ms. Schatz has always held the belief that everyone should receive the medical care that they need, regardless of socioeconomic status. 

Ms. Schatz holds her health and life insurance license and is co-owner of Klain Insurance Group, LLC.  Ms. Schatz attended Bennington College where she obtained her Bachelor of Science. Prior to her role at Klain & Associates, Ms. Schatz founded Modular Structures Corporation where she was the only certified Women’s Business Enterprise in modular construction for the city of Chicago and later became President of U.S. Power Corporation.