Category: Social Security Disability

Medical Evidence Needed When Filing for Disability January 14, 2021

Medical evidence needed to qualify for disability varies depending on a person’s medical condition. The Social Security Administration (SSA) uses a medical guide to evaluate conditions and award benefits accordingly. The evidence can take many forms, such as physical examinations, treatment read more

What Are Pre-Disability Earnings? January 7, 2021

Pre-disability earnings refer to the amount of a disability insurance policyholder’s income that was in effect before a disability began. They determine the amount of disability income that the policyholder will qualify for if he or she sustains an injury. read more

These Statements May Hurt Your Disability Case December 24, 2020

A claimant’s chance of success at a disability hearing will increase if they avoid making statements that could hurt the case. A Social Security disability hearing gives individuals an opportunity to show an administrative law judge (ALJ) how their disability read more

Do You Qualify for Survivor’s Disability Benefits? December 17, 2020

If a Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) recipient dies, his or her surviving dependents may be able to get survivor’s benefits. However, they must meet requirements to qualify. Benefit amounts hinge on several factors. Requirements for Survivors Benefits If a read more

Divorce May Impact Your Disability Benefits December 10, 2020

How a divorce will affect a person’s disability benefits hinges on whose earnings the benefits are based upon. If the benefits stem from an individual’s earning record, the amount will remain unchanged, unless the income is garnished by the courts for read more

Disability Hearings By Telephone During COVID-19 Pandemic November 24, 2020

In response to COVID-19, the Social Security Administration provides telephonic disability hearing options. Those who have their initial applications for disability benefits denied may appeal the decision before an administrative law judge at a formal hearing. Safety concerns amidst the read more

How Disability Attorneys Get Paid November 17, 2020

Social Security Disability attorneys generally receive payment for the services they provide upon the completion and approval of clients’ claims. Lawyers who practice in this area must adhere to fee agreement rules regarding the amounts they charge, how they structure read more

Should You Bring a Witness to Your Disability Hearing? November 10, 2020

Social Security Disability applicants may choose to bring witnesses to administrative law judge hearings to help support benefit claims. If the Social Security Administration denies people’s applications for disability benefits, they may choose to appeal the decision. The four steps of read more

What to Expect During Your Video Hearing October 12, 2020

Knowing what to expect before sitting down for a video disability hearing with the Social Security Administration can help claimants put their best feet forward and improve their chances of approval. If the SSA denies people’s initial applications for Social read more