5 States Most Likely to Approve SSDI Applications

Social security cards and a form

Approval ratings for Social Security disability benefits vary from one state to another, with some states having considerably higher ratings than the rest. Hawaii, Utah, New Mexico, New Jersey, and Tennessee are the five states with the highest approval ratings. Here is more on these top five states. 

1. Hawaii

More than two-thirds (67%) of applications for disability benefits in Hawaii are approved. That makes it the state with the highest approval rating in the country. Hawaii’s low percentage of disabled citizens and small size make its disability resources, such as the Disability Rights Center and Developmental Disabilities Division, easily available to the residents that need them.

2. Utah

Utah’s approval rate is not too far behind Hawaii, standing at 63%. That is almost double the rate of neighboring Nevada, which is just 37%. Utah also offers one of the most comprehensive programs for people with disabling conditions. It includes residential support, host homes, chore services and companionship programs.

3. New Mexico

New Mexico is the number three place for applicants to be approved for disability benefits. It has an approval rating of 56%. In the 2013 National Census, the percentage of the population aged above 65 receiving benefits as well as the percentage of children getting disability benefits were the highest in the country.

4. New Jersey

New Jersey also has an approval rating of 56%. The state offers Temporary Disability Insurance. It has more than 15 non-profit organizations dedicated to assisting residents with disabling conditions.

5. Tennessee

In Tennessee, 54% of disability applicants receive Social Security disability benefits. The state also ranks among the best in disability funding, rights and programs. Multiple organizations, such as Disability Rights TN, provide help to those in need.

The people who live in these five states may have an easier approval process than if they resided in the other states. Nevertheless, people who feel they qualify for Social Security disability benefits should not be discouraged from applying, even if they live in states with low approval ratings. 

People can take several steps to give themselves the best chance at being approved for disability benefits. Having the necessary proof of mental or physical disabilities, seeking professional help from a social security attorney, and reviewing the applications carefully can significantly improve the chances of approval for benefits.


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