We know that applying for Social Security Disability benefits is a difficult decision to make. At Klain and Associates, LLC our nationwide Social Security Disability advocates are here to make this decision and the process as easy for you as possible. We will help from the very beginning by filing your Social Security Disability application with the government all the way through to your hearing….SO YOU CAN FOCUS ON YOU!

We understand that our clients are proud people that like to earn their own way. When health issues arise it is a very emotional and frustrating time. Fortunately, a Promise Made is a Promise Kept. You promised to pay into Social Security Disability income benefits when you were well enough to work and now that you cannot work the government promises to pay you Social Security income benefits when you qualify. But, it can be a bit difficult to find your way through the process.

We are here to help!

When you don’t feel well you don’t want to think about anything else other than feeling better and we understand that. You should not have to hire a Social Security income benefit advocate and then feel like you are doing more work than before you were disabled. The last thing anyone needs is to try to untangle government red tape and understand complicated Social Security Disability forms or wait in line or on hold for hours upon hours with a government Social Security Disability claims specialist only to find out you don’t have the proper information and have to start again. Even if you have applied and have been denied SSD benefits or SSI benefits, we will step in and take care of it for you. Klain and Associates, LLC is a nationwide Social Security disability advocacy company, not a law firm specializing in Social Security Disability claims. We have the highest trained professional attorneys and advocates to represent you from application to hearing so all you have to do is relax and take care of yourself. No matter where you are in the country, we have the most top notch staff which we demand to meet the strictest of standards to represent you. You should not be treated like a number in a huge firm. You are a human being who has hired us for the best services in the country and we work diligently so that every client gets what they expect and deserve: excellent care, compassion and perfect service.

Our staff is here because we all love what we do. Being able to call our clients and let them know they have been rewarded Social Security Disability benefits is why we go to work each day. We are national Social Security Disability advocates and we want to advocate for you. So let’s see if you qualify! We are waiting to hear from you. We will answer all of your questions on Social Security Disability claims and go through each step of the process. Our highly trained staff will perform a free evaluation and if you qualify for a Social Security Disability claim we will begin the process for your Social Security Disability application right away! We have advocates and attorneys on call ready to answer your questions! There is no reason to suffer for another day. Let’s see what we can do for you and get the process started so you can rest and heal. Call us at 800-818 HELP (4357) or contact us for your free consultation. We are here to help!

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David is a very hard worker and passionate about helping people. He is a very understanding and knowledgeable attorney and helped me win my case!


David Klain is very kind and very professional, especially to senior citizen patients, compassion, concern and caring for ones life and out…


I think Mr. Klain is a excellent Attorney . He has kept me informed on my case with everything he has done throughout the process..


Your chances of successfully navigating the process increase greatly when you work with a highly skilled disability advocate or attorney. Contact us at 800-818-HELP (4357) for a FREE evaluation


Denied for Benefits?

If you are denied for Social Security Disability benefits it’s important that you don’t give up. Almost 65% of all initial applications are denied.


 How To Apply

You can apply for Social Security Disability benefits yourself, or you can apply with the help of an advocate or attorney.


Do You Qualify

In order to qualify for Social Security Disability (SSDI or SSI) benefits you must meet the requirements of the Social Security Administration (SSA).


Find Legal Aid

You can apply for Social Security Disability benefits yourself, or you can apply with the help of an advocate or attorney.


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